Sustainable Wastewater Treatment for Safe Off-Site Discharge

Looking for a sustainable solution for your on site industrial wastewater? Southwest Shipyard may be the answer. Our services at Southwest Shipyard offer a greener alternative to deep well injection or incineration, ensuring that wastewater is discharged safely and away from your facility.

Sustainable Solutions for Industrial Wastewater Management

Maximize your industrial wastewater disposal with Southwest Shipyard’s reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions. Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional wastewater treatment services that meet regulatory compliance while reducing your environmental footprint. Contact us today and let’s get started!

Decades of Expertise in Industrial Wastewater Treatment

For over 30 years, Southwest Shipyard’s onsite wastewater treatment plant has served the Gulf Coast’s largest barge cleaning and gas freeing operation. -Now- Our oil-water separation, biological treatment, and other water treatment technologies treat third-party wastewater for discharge. We’re committed to meeting environmental standards and ensuring safety.

Our Commitment to Safe, Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

At Southwest Shipyard, our guiding principles are centered on safety, regulatory compliance, customer service, and resource stewardship. We are dedicated to meeting customer needs for industrial wastewater treatment while also protecting the environment.

Conveniently Located for Industrial Marine Operations

Located just 16.5 miles east of Houston, Southwest Shipyard’s Industrial Wastewater Treatment division is perfectly situated to provide convenient, reliable wastewater treatment for industrial facilities in the Houston Ship Channel area.

Comprehensive In-House Wastewater Testing

At Southwest Shipyard, we conduct comprehensive in-house wastewater testing based on approved methods of analysis within regulatory holding times. Our commitment to accuracy and quality assurance ensures that we meet environmental standards and exceed customer expectations.

Flexible Treatment Services for a Variety of Industrial Wastewaters

At Southwest Shipyard, we proudly accept a diverse range of wastewater types for treatment, including subcategory B & C biodegradable wastewater and wash water from third-party providers, domestic and utility wastewater, barge ballast water, and contaminated storm water. We’re committed to providing customized solutions that meet regulatory standards for wastewater discharge, while offering the flexibility that our customers need.