We own and operate the largest, fully permitted and regulatory compliant barge cleaning and gas freeing operation of its kind on the gulf coast. With dedicated cleaning docks for up to ten barges, a full spectrum of utilities and crane services, we can provide fast, safe and environmentally less harmful cleaning and processing. We recycle 50% of the wash water we use.

Our gas freeing personnel are well trained and dedicated to our core values. All shift supervisors are “competent persons” as defined by the United States Coast Guard. From poisons, to heavy oils, to chlorinated solvents, we have the facilities, equipment and experience to clean or gas free your vessel.

Our gas freeing plant works round-the-clock to provide a quick turnaround, especially for “change-of-cargo” cleanings. We pride ourselves in providing these services with environmental protection and safety of our personnel as key objectives.

We strive to minimize both waste generation and emissions to the air to help ensure a clean future for our environment. In the past 4 years alone, we have reduced hazardous waste generation from our barge cleaning activities by more than 80%. We have also reduced volatile organic compounds (VOC) air emissions from barge cleaning operations by more than 25 tons per year over the past 5 years.