Southwest Shipyard prides itself in building a high quality vessel to the precise requirements of our customers at a very competitive price.

The Galveston Island facility is fully enclosed and a very efficient production line facility producing 10,000 and 30,000 bbl. double hull tank barges. The barges are blasted and painted in an enclosed shop prior to launch. A 200 ft. x 80 ft. slip extends inside the shop and is used for launching the new barges and loading/unloading modules. Deck barges and a wide variety of other vessels can be built here. The shop is capable of module fabrication up to 500 tons and is serviced by (2) 250 ton cranes with a 50 ft. hook height.

The Brady Island facility is well suited to build inland and offshore tank barges and specialty pressure and deck barges at this facility. The new construction capacity is well supported by two large fabrication shops and three assembly bases.

Our portfolio of built vessels also includes inland push boats ranging from 1800 to 3600 HP up to 84 ft. in length for various inland boat customers.

Southwest Shipyard has a long standing reputation of offering the best value products and services to our customers. Give us an opportunity to demonstrate that on your next project. We are Faster, Safer, Better.