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Southwest Shipyard provides emergency repairs onsite for TxDOT ferry over Easter weekend

The Texas Department of Transportation, faced with an out of service ferry in Port Aransas for the Easter weekend, reached out to Southwest Shipyard for last minute assistance onsite.  In the spirit of our motto, Faster Safer Better, we responded to and met our customer’s needs.


  I want to send out a great THANK YOU to Travis Bergh and Crew members of the Southwest Shipyard located in Houston, Tx. They were able to coordinate and respond to a very short notice emergency repair that was needed to get the Michael Behrens available for service for the Holiday Weekend. Discussions began with Travis on Thursday night about 7 PM and later that night it was confirmed that a crew would be at Port Aransas around 11 AM on Friday morning. Crew did arrive almost spot on at 11 AM and began repairs and repairs were completed at 2 PM. Vessel at that time was ready for service and went into service. These crews and management  took the time out from their Families and what was to be a three day holiday weekend “Easter Weekend” to make the needed repairs to the Michael Behrens, to help support TxDOT and the State Of Texas and its travelling public on this very busy weekend.

A great thanks goes out to the following TxDOT employees that helped to assist with this repair:

Johnnie Smith, PA Ferry Operations Maintenance Tech. worked with the Southwest crew to help support any equipment and materials that were needed to complete the repair.

Val Martinez and Johnny Aleman, PA Ferry Operations Maintenance Techs also supported this repair by coming in and making a trip to Corpus Christi to pick up essential materials so repairs could be completed.


Thanks to all,

Maintenance Supervisor