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The Signal Mutual Industry Leadership Outstanding Safety Performance Award

Signal Mutual Indemnity Association announces the awarding one of their most prestigious safety awards to Southwest Shipyard LP at its winter general meeting in Amelia Island, Florida in late January 2017. “One of the oldest and a very prestigious award on its own that we bestow is the Leadership Outstanding Safety Performance Award, in the category of Ship building & repair.2015-2016 Signal Safety award

This award is presented to Southwest Shipyard based on the following criteria being met: (all criteria have to be met in each specific category for the award to be granted)

  1. Signal Mutual member last three membership years
  2. Man hours reported each membership year
  3. No fatalities in last three membership years
  4. Frequency rate declining last three membership years with last full two years at or below the respective year’s average rate for the entire mutual
  5. At least one executive team member has attended an Executive Safety Leadership (ESL) course (note Southwest Shipyard has had 3 attend)
  6. Evaluations based on best Signal claim records from last three consecutive membership years as of September 30th of the immediate past membership year.

Gunther Hoock, the Vice President of safety Resources for Signal Mutual Indemnity said “I am very excited to inform Southwest Shipyard that our safety team, the underwriters, and executives of Signal Administration have chosen Southwest Shipyards as our 2015 / 2016 award recipient in the Ship building & repair category”. Mr. Hoock will be making a trip to Houston in March of 2017 to personally present the award. Brian Blanchard, the Vice President of Health, Safety, Security & Risk Management for Southwest Shipyard, will accept the award for all the employees of the Shipyard who, in his words, “have demonstrated again & again their commitment to providing a safe work environment at all of our shipyard facilities”.

“Signal believes that safety leadership starts at the top and permeates all layers of management including the all-important first line supervisors, who are often face-to-face with the hazards that front line workers face. Southwest Shipyards has been in the vanguard of using Signal’s safety services. You and your safety team were the first to recognize the need to address safety in Spanish and you took advantage on several occasions of this newly added Signal safety benefit. While we emphasize the need to focus on our leading indicators, in the end we all get measured by our results and yours speak for themselves”. Your injury ratio has been consistently below 1.0, which is class-leading among your shipyard peers from around the United States.

About Southwest Shipyard, L.P. Southwest Shipyard was formed in 1954 and today owns and operates four (4) shipyards in South Texas with direct deep water access to the Gulf of Mexico. The company provides gas freeing and cleaning services, topside and major repairs, surface preparation and painting, major conversion, renovation and new construction services to the entire marine industry. Southwest Shipyard currently can handle Inland and Offshore Barges, Boats, OSVs, Ferries and Offshore tugs. Learn more about Southwest Shipyard, L.P. at