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Gerald H. Halpin Safety Excellence Award

Signal Mutual Indemnity Association announces the awarding of their most prestigious safety award to Southwest Shipyard LP at its winter general meeting in Park City, Utah on January 29th, 2016. Below is the award announcement.


The oldest and most prestigious award we bestow is the Gerald H. Halpin Safety Excellence Award, named in honor of the late Gerry Halpin, who was our original Signal safety manager.Award_edit_400

This award is presented to the company that embodies what we feel is the best of safety leadership within Signal Mutual.


I am very excited to inform you that our safety team, the underwriters, and executives of Signal Administration have chosen Southwest Shipyards as our 2014/15 award recipient.


Signal believes that safety leadership starts at the top and permeates all layers of management including the all-important first line supervisors, who are often face-to-face with the hazards that front line workers face. Southwest Shipyards has been in the vanguard of using Signal’s safety services. You and your safety team were the first to recognize the need to address safety in Spanish and you took advantage on several occasions of this newly added Signal safety benefit. While we emphasize the need to focus on our leading indicators, in the end we all get measured by our results and yours speak for themselves. Your injury ratio is consistently below 2.0, which is class-leading among your shipyard peers.



Gunther Hoock

Vice President of Safety Resources

Signal Administration, Inc., a Charles Taylor company

Managers’ Agents for the Signal Mutual Indemnity Association Ltd.